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Leitung: Prof. Dr. med. Michael D. Menger
Publikationen 2012

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Benninger E, Laschke MW, Cardell M, Holstein JH, Lustenberger T, Keel M, Trentz O, Menger MD, Meier C.

Early Detection of Subclinical Organ Dysfunction by Microdialysis of the Rectus Abdominis Muscle in a Porcine Model of Critical Intra-Abdominal Hypertension.

Shock. 2012; Oct;38(4):420-8.


Ehrmantraut S, Naumann A, Willnecker V, Akinyemi S, Körbel C, Scheuer C, Meyer-Lindenberg A, Menger MD, Laschke MW.

Vitalization of Porous Polyethylene (Medpor(®)) with Chondrocytes Promotes Early Implant Vascularization and Incorporation into the Host Tissue.

Tissue Eng Part A. 2012 Aug;18(15-16):1562-72.

Eipel C, Hübschmann U, Abshagen K, Wagner KF, Menger MD, Vollmar B.

Erythropoietin as Additive of HTK Preservation Solution in Cold Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury of Steatotic Livers.

J Surg Res. 2012; 173(1):171-9

Eymann R, Kim YJ, Bohle RM, Antes S, Schmitt M, Menger MD, Kiefer M.

Microstructural Alterations of Silicone Catheters in an Animal Experiment: Histopathology and SEM Findings.

Acta Neurochir Suppl. 2012;113:87-90.


Feng D, Welker S, Körbel C, Rudzitis-Auth J, Menger MD, Montenarh M, Laschke MW.

Protein kinase CK2 is a regulator of angiogenesis in endometriotic lesions.

Angiogenesis. 2012 Jun;15(2):243-52

Garcia P, Pieruschka A, Klein M, Tami A, Histing T, Holstein JH, Scheuer C, Pohlemann T, Menger MD.

Temporal and spatial vascularization patterns of unions and nonunions: role of vascular endothelial growth factor and bone morphogenetic proteins.

J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2012;94(1):49-58.


Histing T, Klein M, Stieger A, Stenger D, Steck R, Matthys R, Holstein JH, Garcia P, Pohlemann T, Menger MD.

A new model to analyze metaphyseal bone healing in mice.

J Surg Res. 2012; Dec;178(2):715-21


Histing T, Anton C, Scheuer C, Garcia P, Holstein JH, Klein M, Matthys R, Pohlemann T, Menger MD.

Melatonin Impairs Fracture Healing by Suppressing RANKL-Mediated Bone Remodeling.

J Surg Res. 2012; 173(1):83-90


Histing T, Stenger D, Scheuer C, Metzger W, Garcia P, Holstein JH, Klein M, Pohlemann T, Menger MD.

Pantoprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, delays fracture healing in mice.

Calcif Tissue Int. 2012 Jun;90(6):507-14.


Histing T, Stenger D, Kuntz S, Scheuer C, Tami A, Garcia P, Holstein JH, Klein M, Pohlemann T, Menger MD.

Increased Osteoblast and Osteoclast Activity in Female Senescence-Accelerated, Osteoporotic SAMP6 Mice During Fracture Healing.

J Surg Res. 2012 Jun 15;175(2):271-7


Holstein JH, Schmalenbach J, Herrmann M, Olkü I, Garcia P, Histing T, Herrmann W, Menger MD, Pohlemann T, Claes L.

Excess dietary methionine does not affect fracture healing in mice.

Med Sci Monit. 2012; Dec 1;18(12):BR469-474.


Holstein JH, Becker SC, Fiedler M, Scheuer C, Garcia P, Histing T, Klein M, Menger MD, Pohlemann T.

Increased exercise after stable closed fracture fixation does not affect fracture healing in mice.

J Biomech. 2012; Apr 30;45(7):1299-304


Laschke MW, Menger MD.

Anti-angiogenic treatment strategies for the therapy of endometriosis.

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Laschke MW, Menger MD.

Vascularization in tissue engineering: angiogenesis versus inosculation.

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Laschke MW, Kleer S, Scheuer C, Schuler S, Garcia P, Eglin D, Alini M, Menger MD.

Vascularisation of porous scaffolds is improved by incorporation of adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments.

Eur Cell Mater. 2012; Sep 24;24:266-77.


Liu S, Liu Y, Hao W, Wolf L, Kiliaan AJ, Penke B, Rübe CE, Walter J, Heneka MT, Hartmann T, Menger MD, Fassbender K.

TLR2 Is a Primary Receptor for Alzheimer's Amyloid β Peptide To Trigger Neuroinflammatory Activation.

J Immunol. 2012;188(3):1098-107


Menger MD, Schilling MK, Schäfers HJ, Pohlemann T, Laschke MW.

How to ensure the survival of the surgeon-scientist? The Homburg Program.

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Menger MD, Laschke MW.

Surgical research in Germany. Organization, quality and international competitiveness.

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Müller I, Rössler OG, Wittig C, Menger MD, Thiel G.

Critical role of egr transcription factors in regulating insulin biosynthesis, blood glucose homeostasis, and islet size.

Endocrinology. 2012 Jul;153(7):3040-53.


Pfeifer P, Voss M, Wonnenberg B, Hellberg J, Seiler F, Lepper PM, Bischoff M, Langer F, Schäfers HJ, Menger MD, Bals R, Beisswenger C.

IL-17C is a Mediator of Respiratory Epithelial Innate Immune Response.

Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2012 Dec 6.


Rahman M, Roller J, Zhang S, Syk I, Menger MD, Jeppsson B, Thorlacius H.Metalloproteinases regulate CD40L shedding from platelets and pulmonary recruitment of neutrophils in abdominal sepsis.

Inflamm Res. 2012 Jun;61(6):571-9

Rezaeian F, Wettstein R, Scheuer C, Bäumker K, Bächle A, Vollmar B, Menger MD, Harder Y.

Ghrelin protects musculocutaneous tissue from ischemic necrosis by improving microvascular perfusion.

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2012;302(3):H603-10.

Rudzitis-Auth J, Körbel C, Scheuer C, Menger MD, Laschke MW.

Xanthohumol inhibits growth and vascularization of developing endometriotic lesions.

Hum Reprod. 2012 Jun;27(6):1735-44. Epub 2012 Mar 23.


Rupertus K, Haberl GC, Scheuer C, Menger MD, Schilling MK, Kollmar O.

Bone Marrow Suppression by c-Kit Blockade Enhances Tumor Growth of Colorectal Metastases through the Action of Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1.

J Oncol. 2012; 2012:196957.

Rupertus K, Senger S, Menger MD, Schilling MK, Kollmar O.

Darbepoetin-α Promotes Neovascularization and Cell Proliferation in Established Colorectal Liver Metastases.

J Surg Res. 2012 Aug;176(2):517-23.


Saar M, Körbel C, Jung V, Suttmann H, Grobholz R, Stöckle M, Unteregger G, Menger MD, Kamradt J.

Experimental orthotopic prostate tumor in nude mice: Techniques for local cell inoculation and three-dimensional ultrasound monitoring.

Urol Oncol. 2012 May-Jun;30(3):330-8


Schäfer T, Sperling J, Slotta JE, Kollmar O, Schilling MK, Menger MD, Richter S.

Hepatic arterial infusion with tumor necrosis factor-α induces early hepatic hyperperfusion.

Eur Surg Res. 2012;48(4):215-22

Schuld J, Richter S, Oberkircher LW, Seeland U, Debnar-Daumler KI, Rauch J, Menger MD, Schilling MK, Kollmar O.

Evidence for tumor cell spread during local hepatic ablation of colorectal liver metastases.

J Surg Res. 2012; Nov;178(1):268-79


Sperling J, Schäfer T, Ziemann C, Benz-Weiber A, Kollmar O, Schilling MK, Menger MD.

Hepaticarterialinfusion of bevacizumab in combination with oxaliplatinreducestumorgrowth in a ratmodel of colorectallivermetastases.

Clin Exp Metastasis. 2012 Feb;29(2):91-9


Sperling J, Ziemann C, Schuld J, Laschke MW, Schilling MK, Menger MD, Kollmar O.

A comparative evaluation of ablations produced by high-frequency coagulation-, argon plasma coagulation-, and cryotherapy devices in porcine liver.

Int J Colorectal Dis. 2012; Sep;27(9):1229-35


Sperling J, Schäfer T, Ziemann C, Benz-Weißer A, Kollmar O, Schilling MK, Menger MD.

Hepatic arterial infusion of bevacizumab in combination with oxaliplatin reduces tumor growth in a rat model of colorectal liver metastases.

Clin Exp Metastasis. 2012; 29(2):91-9.


Tuche F, Menger MD, Körbel C, Nickels RM, Bouskela E, Schramm R.

Progenitor cell homing in the postischemic myocardium: just an unmotivated pitstop in the microcirculation?

Microcirculation. 2012 Nov;19(8):739-48.

von Heesen M, Seibert K, Hülser M, Scheuer C, Wagner M, Menger MD, Schilling MK, Moussavian MR.

Multidrug donor preconditioning protects steatotic liver grafts against ischemia-reperfusion injury.

Am J Surg. 2012; 203(2):168-76