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Leitung: Prof. Dr. med. Michael D. Menger
Publikationen 2010

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Benninger E, Laschke MW, Cardell M, Holstein JH, Seifert B, Keel M, Trentz O, Menger MD, Meier C.

Compartment pressure of the rectus sheath accurately reflects intra-abdominal pressure in a porcine model.

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P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1-mediated leukocyte recruitment regulates hepatocellular damage in acute obstructive cholestasis in mice.

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Perioperative steroid administration inhibits angiogenic host tissue response to porous polyethylene (Medpor) implants.

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Splenectomy improves survival by increasing arterial blood supply in a rat model of reduced-size liver.

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Intravital fluorescent microscopic evaluation of bacterial cellulose as scaffold for vascular grafts.
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Synthesis and initial tumor affinity testing of iodine-123 labelled EGFR-affine agents as potential imaging probes for hormone-refractory prostate cancer.

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Gender-specific ischemic tissue tolerance in critically perfused skin.

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Hyperhomocysteinemia is not associated with reduced bone quality in humans with hip osteoarthritis.

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Deficiencies of folate and vitamin B12 do not affect fracture healing in mice.

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Size and spatial orientation of uterine tissue transplants on the peritoneum crucially determine the growth and cyst formation of endometriosis-like lesions in mice.

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CXCR4 and CXCR7 regulate angiogenesis and CT26.WT tumor growth independent from SDF-1.

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Tumour growth following portal branch ligation in an experimental model of liver metastases.

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Oxidative stress-associated rise of hepatic protein glycation increases inflammatory liver injury in uncoupling protein-2 deficient mice.

Lab Invest. 2010;90:1189-98.

Laschke MW, Mussawy H, Schuler S, Eglin D, Alini M, Menger MD.

Promoting external inosculation of prevascularised tissue constructs by pre-cultivation in an angiogenic extracellular matrix.

Eur Cell Mater. 2010;20: 356-6.

Laschke MW, Dold S, Jeppsson B, Schilling MK, Menger MD, Thorlacius H.

Rho-kinase inhibitor attenuates cholestasis-induced CXC chemokine formation, leukocyte recruitment, and hepatocellular damage in the liver.

J Surg Res. 2010;159:666-73.

Laschke MW, Körbel C, Rudzitis-Auth J, Gashaw I, Reinhardt M, Hauff P, Zollner TM, Menger MD.

High-resolution ultrasound imaging: a novel technique for the noninvasive in vivo analysis of endometriotic lesion and cyst formation in small animal models.

Am J Pathol. 2010;176:585-93.

Laschke MW, Schwender C, Vollmar B, Menger MD.

Genistein does not affect vascularization and blood perfusion of endometriotic lesions and ovarian follicles in dorsal skinfold chambers of Syrian golden hamsters.

Reprod Sci. 2010;17:568-77.

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In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a novel nanosize hydroxyapatite particles/poly(ester-urethane) composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering.

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Acceleration of articular cartilage repair by combined gene transfer of human insulin-like growth factor I and fibroblast growth factor-2 in vivo.

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Erythropoietin-induced upregulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase but not vascular endothelial growth factor prevents musculocutaneous tissue from ischemic damage.

Lab Invest. 2010;90:40-51.

Richter S, Sperling J, Kollmar O, Menger MD, Schilling MK.

Laser Doppler Flowmetry of Hepatic Microcirculation during Pringle's Maneuver: Determination of Spatial and Temporal Liver Tissue Perfusion Heterogeneity.

Eur Surg Res. 2010;44:152-8.


Roller J, Laschke MW, Scheuer C, Menger MD.

Heme oxygenase (HO)-1 protects from lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-mediated liver injury by inhibition of hepatic leukocyte accumulation and improvement of microvascular perfusion.

Langenbecks Arch Surg. 2010; 395:387-94.


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