Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes und Medizinische Fakultät der Universität des Saarlandes
Leitung: Prof. Dr. med. Michael D. Menger
Publikationen 2005

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Bordel R, Laschke MW, Menger MD, Vollmar B.

Inhibition of p53 during physiological angiogenesis in the hamster ovary does not affect extent of new vessel formation but delays vessel maturation.

Cell Tissue Res. 2005;320:427-35.

Cucchiarini M, Madry H, Ma C, Thurn T, Zurakowski D, Menger MD, Kohn D, Trippel SB, Terwilliger EF.

Improved tissue repair in articular cartilage defects in vivo by rAAV-mediated overexpression of human fibroblast growth factor 2.

Mol Ther. 2005;12:229-28.

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Prevention of core cell damage in isolated islets of Langerhans by low temperature preconditioning.

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Eipel C, Schuett H, Glawe C, Bordel R, Menger MD, Vollmar B.

Pifithrin-alpha induced p53 inhibition does not affect liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in mice.

J Hepatol. 2005;43:829-35.

Eipel C, Glanemann M, Nuessler AK, Menger MD, Neuhaus P, Vollmar B.

Ischemic preconditioning impairs liver regeneration in extended reduced-size livers.

Ann Surg.2005;241:477-84.

Gradl G, Gaida S, Finke B, Lindenblatt N, Gierer P, Menger MD, Mittlmeier T, Vollmar B.

Supernatant of traumatized muscle induces inflammation and pain, but not microcirculatory perfusion failure and apoptotic cell death.

Shock. 2005;24:219-25.

Harder Y, Amon M, Schramm R, Georgi M, Banic A, Erni D, Menger MD.

Heat shock preconditioning reduces ischemic tissue necrosis by heat shock protein (HSP)-32-mediated improvement of the microcirculation rather than induction of ischemic tolerance.

Ann Surg.2005;242:869-78.

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Evolution of a "falx lunatica" in demarcation of critically ischemic myocutaneous tissue.

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In vivo visualization of platelet/endothelium cell interaction in muscle flaps.

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Hellwig D, Menges M, Schneider G, Moellers MO, Romeike BF, Menger MD, Kirsch CM, Samnick S.

Radioiodinated phenylalanine derivatives to image pancreatic cancer: a comparative study with [18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose in human pancreatic carcinoma xenografts and in inflammation models.

Nucl Med Biol.2005;32:137-45.

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Microcirculatory alterations in ischemia-reperfusion injury and sepsis: effects of activated protein C and thrombin inhibition.

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Effect of systemic hypothermia on local soft tissue trauma-induced microcirculatory and cellular dysfunction in mice.

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Experimental cooling-induced preconditioning attenuates skin flap failure.

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New experimental approach to study host tissue response to surgical mesh materials in vivo.

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In vivo analysis of angiogenesis in endometriosis-like lesions by intravital fluorescence microscopy.

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Intravital fluorescence microscopy: a novel tool for the study of the interaction of Staphylococcus aureus with the microvascular endothelium in vivo.

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Sustained hypothermia accelerates microvascular thrombus formation in mice.

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Enhanced repair of articular cartilage defects in vivo by transplanted chondrocytes overexpressing insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I).

Gene Ther.2005;12:1171-9.

Menger MD, Vollmar B.

Rat model of femur fracture and cecal ligation and puncture.

J Trauma. 2005;59:784.

Nakamura T, Abu-Dahab R, Menger MD, Schäfer U, Vollmar B, Wada H, Lehr CM, Schäfers HJ.

Depletion of alveolar macrophages by clodronate-liposomes aggravates ischemia-reperfusion injury of the lung.

J Heart Lung Transplant. 2005;24:38-45.

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Local platelet trapping as the cause of thrombocytopenia after hepatic cryotherapy.

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Is hemoglobin in hemoglobin vesicles infused for isovolemic hemodilution necessary to improve oxygenation in critically ischemic hamster skin?

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2005;289:H2624-31.

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Initial hepatic microcirculation correlates with early graft function in human orthotopic liver Transplantation

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Arteriolovenular shunting critically determines shutdown of microcirculation upon cryotherapy in tumor-bearing rat liver.

Ann Surg Oncol.2005;12:303-12.

Richter S, Schaefer A, Menger MD, Kirsch CM, Samnick S.

Mapping of the cardiac sympathetic nervous system by single photon emission tomography with technetium-99m-labelled fluorobenzylpiperidine derivative (99mTc-FBPBAT): result of a feasibility study in a porcine model and an initial dosimetric estimation in humans.

Nucl Med Commun.2005;26:361-8.

Rücker M, Binger T, Deltcheva K, Menger MD.

Reduction of midfacial periosteal perfusion failure by subperiosteal versus supraperiosteal dissection.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2005;63:87-92.

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Improvement of nutritive perfusion after free tissue transfer by local heat shock-priming-induced preservation of capillary flowmotion.

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