Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes und Medizinische Fakultät der Universität des Saarlandes
Jahrgang 2012
Leitung: Prof. Dr. Michael Böhm

Jahrgang 2012

  • Redon J, Mancia G, Sleight P, Schumacher H, Gao P, Pogue J, Fagard R, Verdecchia P, Weber M, Böhm M, Williams B, Yusoff K, Koon T, Yusuf S on behalf of the ONTARGET Investigators (2012)
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    Clin Res Cardiol 101: 63-67

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    Effects of the long-term administration of nebivolol on the clinical symptoms, exercise capacity, and left ventricular function of patients with diastolic dysfunction: results of the ELANDD study.
    Eur J Heart Fail 14: 219-225

  • Weingärtner O, Böhm M, Laufs U (2012)
    Combined effects of ezetimibe and phytosterols on cholesterol metbolism: A randomized, controlled feeding study in humans.
    Circulation 125: e456 correspondance

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    Renal sympathetic denervation reduces left ventricular hypertrophy and improves cardiac function in patients with resistant hypertension.
    J Am Coll Cardiol 59: 901-909

  • Vanmierlo T, Weingärtner O, van der Pol S, Husche C, Kerksiek A, Friedrichs S, Sijbrands E, Steinbusch H, Grimm M, Hartmann T, Laufs U, Böhm M, de Vries HE, Mulder M, Lütjohann D (2012)
    Dietary intake of plant sterols stably increases plant sterol levels in murine brain.
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    Eur Heart J 33:1223-1231

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    Clin Res Cardiol 101: 469-476

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    Circ Cardiovasc Interv 5: 392-400

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    J Card Fail 18: 439-445

  • Linz D, Mahfoud F, Schotten U, Ukena C, Neuberger HR, Wirth K, Böhm M (2012)
    Renal sympathetic denervation suppresses postapneic blood pressure rises and atrial fibrillation in a model for sleep apnea.
    Hypertension 60: 172-178

  • Link A, Klingele M, Speer T, Rbah R, Pöss J, Lerner-Gräber A, Fliser D, Böhm M (2012)
    Total-to-ionized calcium ratio predicts mortality in continuous renal replacement therapy with citrate anticoagulation in critically ill patients.
    Crit Care 16: R97

  • Thiele H, Schuler G, Neumann FJ, Hausleiter J, Olbrich HG, Schwarz B, Hennersdorf M, Empen K, Fuernau G, Desch S, de Waha S, Eitel I, Hambrecht R, Böhm M, Kurowski V, Lauer B, Minden HH, Figulla HR, Maier SKG, Möllmann H, Schneider S, Ebelt H, Werdan K, Zeymer U (2012)
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    Am Heart J 163: 938-945

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  • Böhm M, Cotton D, Foster L, Custodis F, Laufs U, Sacco R, Bath PMW, Yusuf S, Diener HC (2012)
    Impact of resting heart rate o mortality and cognitive decline in patients after ischemic stroke.
    Eur Heart J 33: 2804-2812

  • Mahfoud F, Ukena C, Pöss J, Bramlage P, Volpe M, Thoenes M, Schmieder R, Böhm M (2012)
    Microalbuminuria independently correlates to cardiovascular comorbidity burden in patients with hypertension.
    Clin Res Cardiol 101: 761-766

  • Gullestad L, Ueland T, Kjekshus J, Nymo SH, Hulthe J, Muntendam P, Adourian A, Böhm M, van Veldhuisen DJ, Komajda M, Cleland JGF, Wikstrand J, McMurray JJV, Aukrust P (2012)
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    Basic Res Cardiol 107: 278

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  • Ukena C, Böhm M, Schirmer SH (2012)
    Hot topics in cardiology: data from IABP-SHOCK II, TRILOGY-ACS, WOEST, ALTIDUDE, FAME II and more.
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    Eur Heart J 33: 2804-2812

  • Borer JS, Böhm M, Ford I, Komajda M, Tavazzi L, Lopez Sendon J, Alings M, Lopez-de-Sa E, Swedberg K on behalf of the SHIFT Investigators
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