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Wie wird man DokProBio-Mitglied?

(zur Zeit ist diese Information leider nur auf Englisch vorhanden:)

How to become a DocProBio member
Doctoral candidates in the field of Human and Molecular Biology at Saarland University can become members. They are not automatically affiliated to DocProBio, even if they belong to a joint research or doctoral education programme, but have to apply for membership to DocProBio and are only accepted when they comply with the DocProBio standards.

The following details briefly describe the necessary steps for admission first as a doctoral student in general then to DocProBio:

  1. Identification of a Supervisor
  2. Admission by the Faculty
  3. Application to DocProBio
  4. Enrolment as a Doctoral Student (recommended - not compulsory)

Step 1: Identification of a principal supervisor
First of all, future candidates should carefully consider which field they would like to complete their doctorate in. Then they have to find a professor representing this field at Saarland University who accepts the supervision of their research and contact him/her.

Generally, professors receive a lot of requests of this sort, so candidates should be very well prepared. They should show serious interest in the potential supervisor’s research and point out why they are interested especially in his or her field of research. Candidates should send a detailed research proposal for their project and present their educational background.

Step 2: Admission by the Faculty
Once having found a supervisor, candidates need to apply for admission to the respective faculty which their supervisor belongs to. The faculty will decide whether the candidate’s knowledge and qualification are sufficient for a doctorate. For more information on the doctoral regulations please see the following links:

Step 3: Application for Admission to DocProBio
After these two steps, doctoral candidates can apply for admission to DocProBio if they fulfil the admission requirements and comply with the DocproBio regulations. As we are striving for a maximum of interdisciplinary exchange, candidates need to find at least a second supervisor in their research field or other. In some cases, they may also have a third supervisor (optional) depending on the research subject and environment.

How to apply:
fill-in the application form available by e-mail, obtain all signatures and mail it to:
c/o Prof. Dr. Roy Lancaster
Human and Molecular Biology Center (ZHMB)
Saarland University
Building 60
66421 Homburg

Step 4: Enrolment as a Doctoral Student (recommended - not compulsory)
After admission by the faculty, doctoral candidates should formally enrol as doctoral students with the central student administration office of  Saarland University.