Saarland University Faculty of Medicine
Publikationen 2023
Leitung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Wagenpfeil

Publikationen 2023

Niewald M, Moumeniahangar S, Müller LN, Hautmann MG, Dzierma Y, Fleckenstein J, Gräber S, Rübe C, Hecht M, Melchior P.
ArthroRad trial: randomized multicenter single-blinded trial on the effect of low-dose radiotherapy for painful osteoarthritis - final results after 12-month follow-up.
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A CYPome-wide study reveals new potential players in the pathogenesis of Parkinson`s disease.
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Sex differences in the frequencies of B and T cell subpopulations of human cord.

Int j Mol Sci. 2023 Jul;24(14):11511.

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Ambulante Antibiotika-Verordnungsrate und Mastoiditis-Fälle bei Kindern und Jugendlichen im Saarland, 2014-2019.
Klin Padiatr 2023; 235(01): 23-30.

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Size and morphology of the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments at different pediatric age intervals: an MRI analysis.

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Adjuvant vs. progression - triggered treatment with gemcitabine in platinum-ineligible high-risk bladder cancer patientes: Long-term follow-up of a randomized phase 3 trial.
Urol Oncol. 2023 Aug;41(8):356.

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Aufklärung von Eltern zu Fieber im Kindesalter.
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Obstetric practice differences between Syrian refugees and non-Syrian nonrefugee gravidae: A retrospective cross-sectional study.
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Antimicrobial use in pediatric oncology and hematology in Germany and Austria, 2020/2021: a cross-sectional, multicenter point-prevalence study with a multi-step qualitative adjudication process.

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SNPs in cytochrome P450 genes decide on the fate of individuals with genetic predisposition to Parkinson`s disease.
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MicroRNA 200a as a histologically independent marker for meningioma recurrance: Results of a four microRNA panel analysis in meningiomas.
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Early Human Development. 2023 April;179:105752.
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Impact of Time to Surgery on Outcome in Wilms Tumor Treated with Preoperative Chemotherapy.
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Epileptic Status in a PEDiatric cohort (ESPED) requiring intensive care treatment: a multicenter, national, two-year prospective surveillance study Short running title: Epileptic Status in a PEDiatric cohort requiring intensive care treatment.
Epilepsia Open:2023:00:1-14.

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Politis G, Welter N, Mergen M, Furtwängler R, Wagenpfeil S, Graf N.
Is the age of parents a risk for developing nephroblastoma in a child?
Meeting Abstract, International Paediatric Oncology Congress, SIOP 2023, OTTAWA, Kanada, 11. - 14.10.2023.

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Effect of the 3q26-coding oncogene SEC62 as a potential prognostic marker in patients with ovarian neoplasia.
Front Physiol.
2023 Jan 4:13:10545087.

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Recipient-reported reactogenicity of different SARS-CoV-2 vaccination regimes among healthcare professionals and police staff in Germany.
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Meta-Analysis of European clinical trials characterizing the healthy-adult serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D response to vitamin D supplementation.
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