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Research Projects

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How do pain sensing neurons respond to increased oxidative stress during inflammation?

Dr. Ute Becherer
Dr. Barbara Niemeyer

Investigation of TRP proteins in astrocytes

Dr. Andreas Beck

Ca2+-dependent neurotransmitter release studied in  autaptic cultures of hippocampal neurons

Prof. Dr. Dieter Bruns

YVC1-Structure, regulation and functions of a calcium release channel in Saccharomyces cerevisiae


Prof. Dr. Veit Flockerzi/
Prof Dr. Gabriel Schlenstedt

Local calcium signalling at the immunological synapse



Prof. Dr. Markus Hoth               Dr. Eva Schwarz

NOX5-structure and function of a Ca2+-dependent NADPH oxidaseProf. Dr. C. Roy D. Lancaster

The impact of Phospholipase-C in cardiac excitation-contraction coupling and for Ca2+ sparks



Prof. Dr. Peter Lipp
Dr. Lars Kästner

SNAP-25 mediated release mechanisms at postsynaptic sites
Jun. Prof. Ralf Mohrmann

Modulation of TRPM3 ion channels by accessory subunits



PD. Dr. Stephan Philipp
Prof. Dr. Adolfo Cavalié

Molecular mechanisms of lytic granule release at the immunological synapse

Prof. Dr. Jens Rettig

Imgaging approaches to characterize Ca2+-dependent vesicle trafficking steps in ribbon synapses of retina



Prof. Dr. Frank Schmitz            Dr. Karin Schwarz

TRP-like 2 proteins in the heart - subcellular trafficking and functional relevance for cation entry and contractility


Dr. Petra Weißgerber/
Prof. Dr. Peter Lipp

EF-hand proteins and calcium leakage from the endoplasmic reticulum during membrane protein biogenesis

Prof. Dr. Richard Zimmermann

Molecular mechanism of odor sensing in the mouse

Prof. Dr.Dr. Frank Zufall