Saarland University Medical Center and Saarland University Faculty of Medicine
Admission to the MD/PhD-program

Admission to the MD/PhD-program

Students must apply for the admission to the MD/PhD-program and thus the inclusion into the doctoral list of the Medical Faculty in writing.


The application must be supplemented with:

  1. The certificate of a medical degree in accordance with the current German licensing regulations for Medical Doctors (MD), or the proof of a successful foreign university degree in Medicine including a transcript of records (certified copies);
  2. in case of acquired foreign graduations, additional certified translations (also when in English);
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. a statement whether, when, and with which result the applicant has previously subjected himself/herself to a doctoral exam (such as PhD);
  5. a draft of the proposed research project;
  6. a declaration of a university teacher of the Medical Faculty, who has a doctorate in natural sciences (PhD), that he / she will accept the applicant as an MD/PhD student (doctoral supervision agreement), and that he (or she) has reviewed and approved the research proposal
  7. a proposal for the appointment of an academic mentor from among the university teachers of the Faculty.


Please send your application to the following address:


An den

Dekan der Medizinischen Fakultät


Dekanat, Geb. 15

Kirrberger Str. 100

66424 Homburg



Note: The program is not funded by the Medical Faculty