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Prof. Dr. Markus Hoth


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Postal Address:

FR2.5 Biophysics

Saarland University

CIPMM, Geb. 48

D-66421 Homburg/Saar

Reasearch :

The human immune system serves to defend the body against infections and cancer. Tumor immunology is the major focus of research in our department. We analyze and optimize the cytotoxicity of T-killer cells, natural killer cells and "unconventional" killer cells against cancer cells (lymphoma, leukaemia). We cooperate with various clinics, including Internal Medicine I (Oncology). Most experiments are conducted with primary human cells, a few with murine cells (especially on the topic of "aging"). Currently , we focus on the following questions/topics:


1. Which parameters are most relevant for the cytotoxic efficiency of human killer cells against cancer cells?

2. Optimization of lymphoma therapy using antibodies, chemotherapeutics and modified killer cells (CAR-T, etc.).

3. Analysis of the aging processes of the immune system with special reference to cytotoxic cells (in the murine system).

5. Analysis of mechanical properties in the immune-tumour microenvironment.

6. Optimization of fully-automated analysis of immune-tumor interaction at the single cell level.

7. What role do calcium channels play in immune and cancer cell function?

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Teaching :

We currently teach in 4 degree programmes: Human Medicine, Dentistry, Biology (Human and Molecular Biology) and Biophysics. We teach physics and biophysics as well as immunology and immune-physiology.


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