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Innere Medizin IV - Nieren- und Hochdruckkrankheiten
Leitung: Prof. Dr. Danilo Fliser
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Publikationen 2014

Fuernau G, Poss J, Denks D, Desch S, Heine GH, Eitel I, Seiler S, de Waha S, Ewen S, Link A, Schuler G, Adams V, Bohm M, Thiele H.

Fibroblast growth factor 23 in acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock: a biomarker substudy of the intra-aortic balloon pump in cardiogenic shock II (IABP-SHOCK II) trial.

Crit Care 2014 Dec 21;18(6):713. Impact Punkte: 5,0 Abstract


Locatelli F, de Francisco A, Deray G, Fliser D, Armstrong G, Dougherty FC, Ehrhard P.

Mortality and Cardiovascular Morbidity Associated with Haemoglobin Levels: A Pooled Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials.

Nephron Clin Pract 2014;128(3-4):323-32. Impact Punkte: 3,7 Abstract


Leyking S, Poppleton A, Sester U, Ohlmann CH, Stockle M, Fliser D, Klingele M.

Kidney transplantation from a deceased donor with anuric acute kidney injury caused by rhabdomyolysis.

Transplantation 2014 Nov 27;98(10):e87-8. Impact Punkte: 3,5 Abstract


Brenner C, Krankel N, Kuhlenthal S, Israel L, Remm F, Fischer C, Herbach N, Speer T, Grabmaier U, Laskowski A, Gross L, Theiss H, Wanke R, Landmesser U, Franz WM.

Short-term inhibition of DPP-4 enhances endothelial regeneration after acute arterial injury via enhanced recruitment of circulating progenitor cells.

Int J Cardiol 2014 Nov 15;177(1):266-75. Impact Punkte: 6,2 Abstract


Speer T, Owala FO, Holy EW, Zewinger S, Frenzel FL, Stahli BE, Razavi M, Triem S, Cvija H, Rohrer L, Seiler S, Heine GH, Jankowski V, Jankowski J, Camici GG, Akhmedov A, Fliser D, Luscher TF, Tanner FC.

Carbamylated low-density lipoprotein induces endothelial dysfunction.

Eur Heart J 2014 Nov 14;35(43):3021-32. Impact Punkte: 14,7 Abstract


Zewinger S, Meier CM, Fliser D, Klingele M.

Mycobacterium fortuitum peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis and its effects on the peritoneum.

Clin Nephrol 2014 Nov;82(5):341-6. Impact Punkte: 1,2 Abstract


Shroff R1, Speer T1, Colin S, Charakida M, Zewinger S, Staels B, Chinetti-Gbaguidi G, Hettrich I, Rohrer L, O'Neill F, McLoughlin E, Long D, Shanahan CM, Landmesser U, Fliser D, Deanfield JE.

HDL in Children with CKD Promotes Endothelial Dysfunction and an Abnormal Vascular Phenotype.

J Am Soc Nephrol 2014 Nov;25(11):2658-68. Impact Punkte: 9,5 Abstract


Kleber A, Kubulus D, Rossler D, Wolf B, Volk T, Speer T, Fink T.

Melatonin modifies cellular stress in the liver of septic mice by reducing reactive oxygen species and increasing the unfolded protein response.

Exp Mol Pathol 2014 Oct 29;97(3):565-71. Impact Punkte: 2,9 Abstract


Klingele M, Seiler S, Poppleton A, Lepper P, Fliser D, Seidel R.

The gap between calculated and actual calcium substitution during citrate anticoagulation in an immobilised patient on renal replacement therapy reflects the extent of bone loss - a case report.

BMC Nephrol 2014 Oct 4;15(1):163. Impact Punkte: 1,5 Abstract


Rambod M, Heine GH, Seiler S, Dominic EA, Rogacev KS, Dwivedi R, Ramezani A, Wing MR, Amdur RL, Fliser D, Raj DS.

Association of vascular endothelial factors with cardiovascular outcome and mortality in chronic kidney disease patients: A 4-year cohort study.

Atherosclerosis 2014 Oct;236(2):360-5. Impact Punkte: 4,0 Abstract


Schmidt T, Schub D, Wolf M, Dirks J, Ritter M, Leyking S, Singh M, Zawada AM, Blaes-Eise AB, Samuel U, Sester U, Sester M.

Comparative Analysis of Assays for Detection of Cell-Mediated Immunity Toward Cytomegalovirus and M. tuberculosis in Samples From Deceased Organ Donors.

Am J Transplant 2014 Sep;14(9):2159-67. Impact Punkte: 6,2 Abstract


Rogacev KS, Zawada AM, Emrich I, Seiler S, Bohm M, Fliser D, Woollard KJ, Heine GH.

Lower Apo A-I and Lower HDL-C Levels Are Associated With Higher Intermediate CD14++CD16+ Monocyte Counts That Predict Cardiovascular Events in CKD.

Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2014 Sep;34(9):2120-7. Impact Punkte: 5,5 Abstract


Ahlenstiel-Grunow T, Koch A, Grosshennig A, Fromke C, Sester M, Sester U, Schroder C, Pape L.

A multicenter, randomized, open-labeled study to steer immunosuppressive and antiviral therapy by measurement of virus (CMV, ADV, HSV)-specific T cells in addition to determination of trough levels of immunosuppressants in pediatric kidney allograft recipients (IVIST01-trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Trials 2014 Aug 15;15(1):324. Impact Punkte: 2,1 Abstract


Kaesler N, Magdeleyns E, Herfs M, Schettgen T, Brandenburg V, Fliser D, Vermeer C, Floege J, Schlieper G, Kruger T.

Impaired vitamin K recycling in uremia is rescued by vitamin K supplementation.

Kidney Int 2014 Aug;86(2):286-93. Impact Punkte: 8,5 Abstract


Muller S, Rycak L, Afonso-Grunz F, Winter P, Zawada AM, Damrath E, Scheider J, Schmah J, Koch I, Kahl G, Rotter B.

APADB: a database for alternative polyadenylation and microRNA regulation events.

Database (Oxford) 2014;2014. Abstract


Liabeuf S, Okazaki H, Desjardins L, Fliser D, Goldsmith D, Covic A, Wiecek A, Ortiz A, Martinez-Castelao A, Lindholm B, Suleymanlar G, Mallamaci F, Zoccali C, London G, Massy ZA.

Vascular calcification in chronic kidney disease: are biomarkers useful for probing the pathobiology and the health risks of this process in the clinical scenario?

Nephrol Dial Transplant 2014 Jul;29(7):1275-84. Impact Punkte: 3,5 Abstract


Coresh J, Turin TC, Matsushita K, Sang Y, Ballew SH, Appel LJ, Arima H, Chadban SJ, Cirillo M, Djurdjev O, Green JA, Heine GH, Inker LA, Irie F, Ishani A, Ix JH, Kovesdy CP, Marks A, Ohkubo T, Shalev V, Shankar A, Wen CP, de Jong PE, Iseki K, Stengel B, Gansevoort RT, Levey AS, for the CKDPC.

Decline in Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate and Subsequent Risk of End-Stage Renal Disease and Mortality.

JAMA 2014 Jun 25;311(24):2518-31. Impact Punkte: 30,4 Abstract


Karaca I, Tamboli IY, Glebov K, Richter J, Fell LH, Grimm MO, Haupenthal VJ, Hartmann T, Graler MH, van Echten-Deckert G, Walter J.

Deficiency of Sphingosine-1-phosphate Lyase Impairs Lysosomal Metabolism of the Amyloid Precursor Protein.

J Biol Chem 2014 Jun 13;289(24):16761-72. Impact Punkte: 4,6 Abstract


Seiler S, Rogacev KS, Roth HJ, Shafein P, Emrich I, Neuhaus S, Floege J, Fliser D, Heine GH.

Associations of FGF-23 and sKlotho with Cardiovascular Outcomes among Patients with CKD Stages 2-4.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2014 Jun 6;9(6):1049-58. Impact Punkte: 5,3 Abstract


Schmidt T, Adam C, Hirsch HH, Janssen MW, Wolf M, Dirks J, Kardas P, Ahlenstiel-Grunow T, Pape L, Rohrer T, Fliser D, Sester M, Sester U.

BK Polyomavirus-Specific Cellular Immune Responses Are Age-Dependent and Strongly Correlate With Phases of Virus Replication.

Am J Transplant 2014 Jun;14(6):1334-45. Impact Punkte: 6,2 Abstract


Minko P, Stroeder J, Groesdonk HV, Graeber S, Klingele M, Buecker A, Schafers HJ, Katoh M.

A Scoring-System for Angiographic Findings in Nonocclusive Mesenteric Ischemia (NOMI): Correlation with Clinical Risk Factors and its Predictive Value.

Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 2014 Jun;37(3):657-63. Impact Punkte: 2,0 Abstract


Klingele M, Bomberg H, Lerner-Graber A, Fliser D, Poppleton A, Schafers HJ, Groesdonk HV.

Use of argatroban: Experiences in continuous renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients after cardiac surgery.

J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2014 Jun;147(6):1918-24. Impact Punkte: 4,0 Abstract


Ortiz A, Covic A, Fliser D, Fouque D, Goldsmith D, Kanbay M, Mallamaci F, Massy ZA, Rossignol P, Vanholder R, Wiecek A, Zoccali C, London GM, Board of the E-mWGoERAE.

Epidemiology, contributors to, and clinical trials of mortality risk in chronic kidney failure.

Lancet 2014 May 24;383(9931):1831-43. Impact Punkte: 39,2 Abstract


Zewinger S, Speer T, Kleber ME, Scharnagl H, Woitas R, Lepper PM, Pfahler K, Seiler S, Heine GH, Marz W, Silbernagel G, Fliser D.

HDL Cholesterol Is Not Associated with Lower Mortality in Patients with Kidney Dysfunction.

J Am Soc Nephrol 2014 May;25(5):1073-82. Impact Punkte: 9,5 Abstract


Zawada AM, Rogacev KS, Hummel B, Berg JT, Friedrich A, Roth HJ, Obeid R, Geisel J, Fliser D, Heine GH.

S-adenosylhomocysteine is associated with subclinical atherosclerosis and renal function in a cardiovascular low-risk population.

Atherosclerosis 2014 May;234(1):17-22. Impact Punkte: 4,0 Abstract


Rysz J, Gluba A, Fliser D, Speer T, Wiecek A.

Chronic Kidney Disease - different role for HDL?

Curr Med Chem 2014 Apr 13;21(25):2910-6. Impact Punkte: 3,7 Abstract


Meier CM, Poppleton A, Fliser D, Klingele M.

A novel adaptation of laparoscopic Tenckhoff catheter insertion technique to enhance catheter stability and function in automated peritoneal dialysis.

Langenbecks Arch Surg 2014 Apr;399(4):525-32. Impact Punkte: 2,2 Abstract


Leyking S, Fliser D.

Insulin Resistance in CKD.

Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2014 Apr;9(4):638-40. Impact Punkte: 5,3 Abstract


Fell LH, Zawada AM, Rogacev KS, Seiler S, Fliser D, Heine GH.

Distinct immunologic effects of different intravenous iron preparations on monocytes.

Nephrol Dial Transplant 2014 Apr;29(4):809-22. Impact Punkte: 3,5 Abstract


Schepers E, Speer T, Bode-Boger SM, Fliser D, Kielstein JT.

Dimethylarginines ADMA and SDMA: The Real Water-Soluble Small Toxins?

Semin Nephrol 2014 Mar;34(2):97-105. Impact Punkte: 2,9 Abstract


Rogacev KS, Pickering JW, Seiler S, Zawada AM, Emrich I, Fliser D, Heine GH.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) equation incorporating both cystatin C and creatinine best predicts individual risk: a cohort study in 444 patients with chronic kidney disease.

Nephrol Dial Transplant 2014 Feb;29(2):348-55. Impact Punkte: 3,5 Abstract


Kaiser R, Seiler S, Held M, Bals R, Wilkens H.

Prognostic impact of renal function in precapillary pulmonary hypertension.

J Intern Med 2014 Feb;275(2):116-26. Impact Punkte: 5,8 Abstract


Boutouyrie P, Fliser D, Goldsmith D, Covic A, Wiecek A, Ortiz A, Martinez-Castelao A, Lindholm B, Massy ZA, Suleymanlar G, Sicari R, Gargani L, Parati G, Mallamaci F, Zoccali C, London GM.

Assessment of arterial stiffness for clinical and epidemiological studies: methodological considerations for validation and entry into the European Renal and Cardiovascular Medicine registry.

Nephrol Dial Transplant 2014 Feb;29(2):232-9. Impact Punkte: 3,5 Abstract


Wang J, van Bentum K, Sester U, Kaestner L.

Calcium homeostasis in red blood cells of dialysis patients in dependence of erythropoietin treatment.

Front Physiol 2014;5:16. Abstract

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