Saarland University Faculty of Medicine

Welcome to the

Doctoral Program in Human and Molecular Biology


an initiative

of the Human and Molecular Biology Center (ZHMB) and

the Faculty of Medicine,

supported by  Saarland University



in collaboration with


the Research Training Group 845,

the International PhD Program on Calcium-Signaling and Cellular Nanodomains,

the Collaborative Research Center 530,

the Collaborative Research Center 894,

the Competence Center Molecular Medicine,

the Biological Colloquium

and the transdisciplinary Graduate Program GradUS




More information is to be posted soon.




Speaker: Prof. Dr. Roy Lancaster

Deputy Speakers: Prof. Dr. Manfred J. Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Uli Müller and Prof. Dr. Mathias Montenarh




Research Training Group