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The units of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery


CH-02 (regular ward):

This ward is currently in building 57, 1st floor. All patients are on this ward before their operation and afterwards.

The telephone extension is: 06841/16-32200.


CH-01 (intensive care unit):

This unit is close to the operating rooms in building 57, 1st floor. Most of our patients are treated here in the critical phase after their operation.

The telephone extension is: 06841/16-22507


CH-03 (intermediate care unit):

The unit is in building 57, 1st floor. Our patients are treated in this unit if they need careful monitoring or intensive nursing care.

The telephone extension is: 06841/16-32300.

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Emergency numbers:

0 68 41 - 16 - 22507
0 68 41 - 16 - 32200