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Before you come to study here - Application Procedurre

The Medical Faculty ist pleased about your interest in the ERASMUS-/ LLP-Exchange Programme.
Before you can start your study programme at our faculty, you have to fulfil some necessary bureaucratic formalities and Application Procedures. To make this Procedure as easy as possible for you, we have assembled the several steps for you within this sites:


First Step - Official Nomination


To study at the Medical Faculty of the Saarland University as a member of the LLP/ ERASMUS-Programme you have to apply for a participation at your home university at first. If the Departmental Coordinator of your Home University has chosen you for the Exchange-Programme, he or she will officially nominate you (email within your name, address, email address and the prospective duration of stay). According to this your first step of application will be to contact your Home Departmental Coordinator.


Second Step - Application Forms


After your official nomination your home university will receive an acceptance notice about your participation within the Exchange Programme. The following documents, which must be signed by the Departmental Coordinator of your home university, are absolutely necessary:


  • "ECTS-Bewerbungsformular" (ECTS Application Form)

  • "Studienprogramm" (Learning Agreement)

  • "Datenabschrift" (Transcript of Records) about your previous performances

  • "Zulassungsantrag" of the Saarland University



The mentioned documents will be sent by mail to your Home Departmental Coordinator after your nomination. We'd be most grateful if you could use a computer to fill out the forms.


Third Step - Closing Date and Sending the Form


All documents should be send to this address until June 15. 2009, if an entry is planned in October 2009 (Winter semester 2009/10).


Academic Calendar


Start of Lectures
in Winter Semester 2008/ 2009
06. Oktober 2008
End of Lectures
in Winter Semester 2008/ 2009
31. Januar 2009
Start of Lectures
in Summer Semester 2009
20. April 2009
End of Lectures
in Summer Semester 2009
31. Juli 2009