Saarland University Medical Center and Saarland University Faculty of Medicine
Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Therapy
Director: Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Volk
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The Department of Anaesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine plays a central role at Saarland University Hospital, providing overall anaesthetic management for patients undergoing a wide range of surgical procedures carried out by our hospital departments. We understand modern anaesthesiology as ensuring the quality of care we give, patient safety before, during and after surgical procedures and providing care based on the needs of our patients.

The first contact is usually at our premedication clinic, where we take the history of our patients and discuss their questions and needs concerning anaesthesia. Patients needing critical care therapy are treated at our interdisciplinary critical care unit, where we strive for optimal treatment and care. The 26 bed unit has modern equipment and is specialized not only in post-operative care of patients from a diverse range of medical-surgical departments, but also in the treatment of polytrauma, head injuries, septicaemia, acute lung, liver, kidney or multi-organ failure.

Patients suffering from acute or chronic pain receive optimal treatment in our Pain Clinic.

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine manages in-hospital and out-of-hospital emergencies for our region. We are resposible for the organization and duty rostering of emergency and chief emergency physicians. Our emergency medical team responds to approximately 1700 calls a year.

Klinik für Anästhesiologie, Intensivmedizin und Schmerztherapie

Direktor der Klinik
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Volk
Gebäude 57
D-66421 Homburg

Tel.: 06841/16-22485
Fax: 06841/16-22589