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Head: Prof. Dr. Eckart Meese
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The aim of Hedwig-Stalter-Foundation is the promotion of young scientists at the Institute of Human Genetics, University of the Saarland. The Institute owes this foundation the pediatrician, Dr. med. Hedwig Stalter, which has has in her will that from their legacy a foundation will be set. Dr. med. Hedwig Stalter was a practicing pediatrician who the Institute of Human Genetics felt very connected and involved over the years in training events organized by the Institute's founder, Prof. em. Klaus Zang.

The Hedwig-Stalter-Foundation is headed by a two-member board, which consists of Dr. Anke Morsch, President of the Finance Court Saarland and the Saarland Prof. Dr. Eckart Meese, director of the Institute for Human Genetics, University of the Saarland. A three-member Scientific Advisory Board is on the selection of, or winners. The Advisory Board consists of Prof. Dr. N. Blin, Head of the Department of Molecular Genetics at the Institute of Human Genetics in Tübingen, Prof. Dr. A. Keller, Chair for Clinical Bioinformatics at the University of the Saarland and Mr. Prof. Dr. K. Zerres, director of the Institute of Human Genetics in Aachen.

By the will of the founder, prizes for young scientists at the Institute of Human Genetics gives the Hedwig-Stalter-Foundationat regular intervals. The peculiarity of the Foundation for the Institute of Human Genetics is that the price is not intended as a tribute to a completed overall scientific work, but as a prize for successful junior scientists, which allow the possibility to pursue their research at the Institute of Human Genetics is to be given.
The award was presented at a ceremony on 4 July 1991 Academic for the first time. The former award winners were today Professors Prof. Dr. Wolfram Henn and Prof. Dr. Cornelius Welter. Other winners that have been supported by a grant from the Hedwig Stalter Foundation in the following years were:


1994/1995 Dr. Ayhan Ermis und Dr. Steffi Urbschat


1996/1997 Dr. Ulrike Fischer


1999/2000 Dr. Matthias Engel, Dipl.-Biol. Christine Bauer und Dipl.-Biol. Dominik Monz


2002/2003 Dipl.-Biol. Sandra Ehlhardt, Dipl.-Biol. Silke Wemmert und Dipl.-Biol. Andrea Zippel


2004/2005 Dipl.-Biol. Jens Radermacher


2009/2011 Dr. Petra Leidinger


2013 Dr. Nicole Ludwig


2016 Dr. Masood Abu-Halima





Dr. med.

Hedwig Stalter


* 1907
† 1986

Medical studies

Promotion to Dr. med.


Profession as a pediatrician in Dudweiler


Establishing the Hedwig Stalter Foundation for the Advancement of young scientists at the Institute of Human Genetics in Homburg / Saar