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Welcome to Patient Information pages of the Department of Neurosurgery!

Under “Main Treatment Focuses” you will find some typical syndromes that are treated in our department. Under the heading “Nursing Service - Wards” you will find more information on the different wards and the accommodation. The heading  “Surgery Division” provides information on the structure and equipment of the facilities of the neurosurgical department. In addition, we present the “Teleradiology”, where patient informationcan be sent directly from the home hospital or general practitioner in private practice to our department. “Early rehabilitation” introduces our professional physiotherapy team.

Neurosurgery Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Joachim Oertel

Deputy Director
Prof. Dr. Karsten Schwerdtfeger

Nursing Service Manager
Rolf Noll-Hussong                               Tel.: 06481/16-24404                       Fax:06841/16-24432                                          Rolf.Noll-Hussong

Wards/Functional Area
NC-01 - NC-05

Tel.: 06841/16-24101, -24324

Postal Address
Department of Neurosurgery Saarland University Medical Center Kirrberger Straße D-66421 Homburg/Saar

Inpatient admission

We are available for you:
Mo. - Fr. from 8am until 3.30pm

Phone: 06841/16-24421,
Fax: 06841/16-14421


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Inpatient Admission

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