Saarland University Medical Center and Saarland University Faculty of Medicine
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The Department of Neurosurgery is devoting special attention to the education of the students of the Faculty of Medicine at Saarland University.

Every day a senior physician is exempted as lecturer to instruct 2-3 students as part of a practical training block.

Since the summer semester of 2006, we have been evaluating our courses to further improve our teaching methods. The results obtained so far can be found here: Evaluation of Teaching.

For students of our faculty we provide on the following pages extensive educational material which reflects the content of all courses. Access to the site is password protected. Students will receive the password at the beginning of each semester.

The course directory provides a list of dates, lecturers and teaching content of planned teaching units. Thereby medical students of our faculty can prepare themselves sufficiently for the respective module.

For questions or comments regarding our courses, please contact our lecturers.