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Klinik für Thorax- und Herz-Gefäßchirurgie
Leitung: Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schäfers
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Program Course September 2019

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019


08:30 Arrival, registration
09:00 Welcome and introduction H.-J. Schäfers
09:45 Anatomie of aortic valve and root M. Heinemann
10:30 Aortic regurgitation and aneurysm - epidemiologie and guidelines N. Wunderlich
11:00 Why and when to repair the aortic valve J. Vojacek
11:20 Echo assessmant of AR and its mechanisms N. Wunderlich
12:00 Root and cusp repair - the Homburg approach H.-J. Schäfers
13:00 Videos root repair H.-J. Schäfers
14:15 Aortic valve surgery - the patient perspective JJ. Takkenberg
14:45 The living aortic valve - repair or else? J. Vojacek
15:30 Annuloplasty - the evidence U. Schneider
16:00 Results of root and cusp repair C. Giebels
16:30 Videos cusp repair H.-J. Schäfers
18:00 Adjourn




Thursday, Sep 19th, 2019


07:45 Case presentations
08:00 Surgical case #1 (root repair)
09:30 Surgical case #2 (root repair)
10:45 From echo to diagnosis F. Langer
11:15 Surgical case # 3 (root repair)
12:15 Case discussion
13:00 Reimplantation - is the best root repair
G. El Khoury
13:15 Remodeling is my standard approach H.-J. Schäfers
14:00 3-dimensional echo in aortic valve repair A. Hagendorff
14:45 How to start root repair H.-J. Schäfers
15:30 Wetlab (bring your loupes!) Faculty
18:00 Adjourn




Friday, Sep 20th, 2019


07:45 Case presentations
08:00 Surgical case #1 (cusp repair)
09:00 Surgical case #2 (cusp repair)
10:30 Pericardial patches in aortic repair - critical perspective I. Karliova
11:00 Surgical case #3 (cusp repair)
11:45 Surgical case #4 (cusp repair)
13:00 How to start an aortic valve repair program J. Vojacek
13:40 AV repair and atrial fibrillation - what to do? U. Schneider
14:00 How to start cusp repair H.-J. Schäfers
14:30 Adjourn


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