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Innere Medizin IV - Nieren- und Hochdruckkrankheiten
Leitung: Prof. Dr. Danilo Fliser
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Publikationen 2007

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Monocyte-derived dendritic cells of patients with coronary artery disease show an increased expression of costimulatory molecules CD40, CD80 and CD86 in vitro.
Coron Artery Dis 18:523-531. 2007 Impact Punkte: 1,507.


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Erythropoietin and treatment of non-anemic conditions--cardiovascular protection.
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Statins attenuate ischemia-reperfusion injury by inducing heme oxygenase-1 in infiltrating macrophages.
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Lowering asymmetric dimethylarginine--a new mechanism mediating the renoprotective effects of renin-angiotensin system inhibitors in proteinuric patients?
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[Acute renal failure. Extracorporeal therapy].
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Oxidant stress impairs in vivo reendothelialization capacity of endothelial progenitor cells from patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: restoration by the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma agonist rosiglitazone.
Circulation 116:163-173. 2007 Impact Punkte: 10,940.


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Costimulation induced phosphorylation of L-plastin facilitates surface transport of the T cell activation molecules CD69 and CD25.
Eur J Immunol 37:649-662. 2007 Impact Punkte: 4,772.



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