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Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martina Sester
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Aktuelle Publikationen

Gupta, R.K., Calderwood, C.J., Yavlinsky, A., Krutikov, M., Quartagno, M., Aichelburg, M.C., Altet, N., Diel, R., Dobler, C.C., Dominguez, J., Doyle, J.S., Erkens, C., Geis, S., Haldar, P., Hauri, A.M., Hermansen, T., Johnston, J.C., Lange, C., Lange, B., van Leth, F., Muñoz, L., Roder, C., Romanowski, K., Roth, D., Sester, M., Sloot, R., Sotgiu, G., Woltmann, G., Yoshiyama, T., Zellweger, J.P., Zenner, D., Aldridge, R.W., Copas, A., Rangaka, M.X., Lipman, M., Noursadeghi, M., and Abubakar, I.

Discovery and validation of a personalized risk predictor for incident tuberculosis in low transmission settings.

Nat Med 2020; in press. Abstract Impact Punkte: 36,130.


Schub, D., Klemis, V., Schneitler, S., Mihm, J., Lepper, P.M., Wilkens, H., Bals, R., Eichler, H., Gärtner, B.C., Becker, S.L., Sester, U., Sester, M., and Schmidt, T.

High levels of SARS-CoV-2 specific T-cells with restricted functionality in severe course of COVID-19.
JCI Insight 2020. in press. Impact Punkte: 6.205. Link zum Volltext


Kos, I., Balensiefer, B., Roth, S., Ahlgrimm, M., Sester, M.Schmidt, T., Thurner, L., Bewarder, M., Bals, R., Lammert, F., Stilgenbauer, S., and Kaddu-Mulindwa, D.

Prolonged course of COVID-19-associated pneumonia in a B-cell depleted patient after rituximab.

Frontiers in Oncology 2020; in press. Impact Punkte: 4.416. Link zum Volltext


Diener, C., Hart, M., Kehl, T., Rheinheimer, S., Ludwig, N., Krammes, L., Pawusch, S., Tänzer, T., Schub, D., Sester, M., Walch-Rückheim, B., Keller, A., Lenhof, H.P., and Meese, E.

Quantitative and time-resolved miRNA pattern of early human T cell activation.

Nucleic Acids Res 2020; in press. Impact Punkte: 11.140.


Marx, S., Adam, C., Weyrich, M., Mihm, J., Sester, U., and Sester, M.

A polyclonal immune function assay allows dose-dependent characterization of immunosuppressive drug effects but has limited clinical utility for predicting infection on an individual basis.

Frontiers in Immunology 2020; Link zum Volltext.    Impact Punkte: 4.716.


Abdulnasser Harfoush, S., Hannig, M., Le, D.D., Heck, S., Leitner, M., Omlor, A.J., Tavernaro, I., Kraegeloh, A., Kautenburger, R., Kickelbick, G., Beilhack, A., Bischoff, M., Nguyen, J., Sester, M., Bals, R., and Dinh, Q.T.

High-dose intranasal application of titanium dioxide nanoparticles induces the systemic uptakes and allergic airway inflammation in asthmatic mice.
Respir Res 2020; 21:168. Impact Punkte: 3.924. Abstract


Stenger, T., Ledo, A., Ziller, C., Schub, D., Schmidt, T., Enders, M., Gärtner, B.C., Sester, M., and Meyer, T.
Timing of vaccination after training: Immune response and side effects in athletes.
Med Sci Sports Exerc 2020; In press.    Impact Punkte: 4.478. Abstract


Ahlenstiel-Grunow, T., Sester, M., Sester, U., Hirsch, H.H., and Pape, L.

BK Polyomavirus-specific T Cells as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Marker for BK Polyomavirus Infections After Pediatric Kidney Transplantation.
Transplantation 2020; in press    Impact Punkte: 4.743. Abstract


Sester, M.

Tuberculosis in the immunocompromised host.
European Respiratory Society (ERS) Monograph 2019.


Maxeiner, S., Sester, M., and Krasteva-Christ, G.

Novel human sex-typing strategies based on the autism candidate gene NLGN4X and its male-specific gametologue NLGN4Y.
Biol Sex Differ 2019; 10:62.    Impact Punkte: 3.188. Abstract


Ledo, A., Schub, D., Ziller, C., Enders, M., Stenger, T., Gärtner, B.C., Schmidt, T., Meyer, T., and Sester, M.

Elite athletes on regular training show more pronounced induction of influenza-specific T-cells and antibodies after tetravalent influenza vaccination than controls.
Brain Behav Immun 2020; 83:135-145.    Impact Punkte: 6.170. Abstract


Zewinger, S., Reiser, J., Jankowski, V., Alansary, D., Hahm, E., Klug, M., Triem, S., Schunk, S.J., Schmit, D., Kramann, R., Körbel, C., Ampofo, E., Laschke, M., Selejan, S.-R., Schuster, S., Silbernagel, G., Sester, M., Sester, U., Assmann, G., Bals, R., Kostner, G., Jahnen-Dechent, W., Menger, M.D., Rohrer, L., März, W., Böhm, M., Jankowski, J., Kopf, M., Latz, E., Niemeyer, B.A., Fliser, D., Laufs, U., and Speer, T.

Apolipoprotein C3 induces systemic inflammation and organ damage by alternative inflammasome activation.
Nat Immunol 2020; 21:30-41.    Impact Punkte: 23.530. Abstract


Hart, M., Walch-Rückheim, B., Krammes, L., Kehl, T., Rheinheimer, S., Tänzer, T., Glombitza, B., Sester, M., Lenhoff, H.-P., Keller, A., and Meese, E.

miR-34a as hub of T cell regulation networks.
J Immunother Cancer 2019; 7:187.    Impact Punkte: 8.676. Abstract


Burton, C., Sester, M., Robinson, J.L., Eurich, D.T., Urschel, S., and Preiksaitis, J.
CMV-specific T-cells and CD27-CD28-CD4+ T-cells for assignment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) status in adults awaiting organ transplant.
J Clin Virol 2019; 115:37-42.    Impact Punkte: 3.101. Abstract


Hart, M., Walch-Rückheim, B., Friedmann, K.S., Rheinheimer, S., Tänzer, T., Glombitza, B., Sester, M., Lenhoff, H.-P., Hoth, M., Schwarz, E.C., Keller, A., and Meese, E.

miR-34a: a new player in the regulation of T cell function by modulation of NF-κB signaling.
J Immunother Cancer 2019; 7:187.    Impact Punkte: 8.676.  Abstract und Volltext


Schub, D., Assmann, G., Sester, U., Sester, M., and Schmidt, T.

VZV-specific T-cell levels in patients with rheumatic diseases are reduced and differentially influenced by antirheumatic drugs.
Arthritis Res Ther 2018; 20:252.    Impact Punkte: 4.269. Abstract


Crossey, F., Marx, S., Schmitt, K., Bohle, R.M., Schmidt, T., Stöckle, M., Sester, U., Sester, M., and Janssen, M.W.W.

Isolation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes with a high vital cell yield from small samples of renal cell carcinomas by a new collagenase-free mechanical procedure

Urol Oncol 2018; 36:402 e401-402 e410.    Impact Punkte: 3.397. Abstract


Burton, C., Sester, M., Robinson, J., Eurich, D., Preiksaitis, J., and Urschel, S.

Assigning Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Status in Children Awaiting Organ Transplant: Viral Shedding, CMV-Specific T-cells and CD27-CD28-CD4+ T-cells.
J Infect Dis 2018; 218:1205-1209.    Impact Punkte: 5.186. Abstract


Widmann, T., Sester, U., Schmidt, T., Gärtner, B.C., Schubert, J., Pfreundschuh, M., and Sester, M.

Rapid reconstitution of CMV specific T-cells after stem cell transplantation.
Eur J Haematol 2018; 101:38-47.    Impact Punkte: 2.595. Abstract


Schub, D., Fousse, M., Elsäßer, J., Faßbender, K., Sester, U., Schmidt, T., and Sester, M.

Assay for improved detection of antigen‐specific immune cells from extrasanguinous fluids.

Eur J Immunol 2018; 48:1412-1414.    Impact Punkte: 4.248. Abstract


Kotton, C.N., Kumar, D., Caliendo, A.M., Huprikar, S., Chou, S., Danziger-Isakov, L., Humar, A., and Transplantation Society International, C.C.G.

The Third International Consensus Guidelines on the Management of Cytomegalovirus in Solid Organ Transplantation.

Sester M is member of the expert consensus panel.

Transplantation 2018; 102:900-931.    Impact Punkte: 3.960. Abstract


Knörck, A., Marx, S., Friedmann, K.S., Zöphel, S., Lieblang, L., Hässig, C., Müller, I., Pilch, J., Sester, U., Hoth, M., Eichler, H., Sester, M., and Schwarz, E.C.

Quantity, quality and functionality of peripheral blood cells derived from residual blood of different apheresis kits.
Transfusion 2018; 58:1516-1526.    Impact Punkte: 3.423. Abstract


Schub, D., Fousse, M., Faßbender, K., Gärtner, B.C., Sester, U., Sester, M., and Schmidt, T.

CTLA-4 expression on VZV-specific T cells in CSF and blood allows identification of VZV related central nervous system infections.
Eur J Immunol 2018; 48:151–160.    Impact Punkte: 4.248. Abstract

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