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The program

The program is open to students who hold a Master´s degree (or equivalent) in biosciences, pharmacy, physics, (bio-) chemistry or related fields. Approximately 40 distinguished scholars and researchers teach, advise, and mentor graduate students and are committed to the research-oriented and interdisciplinary study program of the graduate school. We intend to select highly-motivated candidates through a performance-oriented qualification period, lasting 10 weeks (see below). The theoretical part of the multidisciplinary program comprises an 8-week lecture series covering current themes of molecular research. The program, furthermore, emphasizes `hands-on` research experience. Each candidate must complete eight laboratory rotations, consisting of independent projects. The results will be presented in accompanying seminars. Proficiency in the English language is required. All courses will be held in English. Candidates who successfully complete these tutorials and the final written exam will be accepted in the 2.5 year doctoral program.




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Time schedule