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All the members of the Graduate Program will find here certain time schedules for Academic Programs, a list of books, which can be lent in our Library and other organisational information´s.





"Dr. Eduard Martin Prize"


Each year the Dr. Eduard-Martin Prize is awarded for the best defense in each faculty of the Saarland University, which will be conferred by the "Universitätsgesellschaft des Saarlandes".


The Graduate School GK1326 is very proud of naming two of our PhD-Students award winners in the Sector "Medical Faculy:


Year 2009/2010:

Dr. Dalia Al-Ansary

defense title: Regulatory mechanisms of the calcium selective ion channels TRPV6 and ORA11"


Year 20112/2013:

Dr. Mahantapa Halimani

defense title: "Syntaxin11 serves as a t-Snare for the final fusion step of lytic granules in human cytotoxic T-lymphocytes"