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Living Costs

Living costs (including accommodation in a student dormitory and health insurance) in Homburg range from 300 to 600 Euros per month for a single person.


Single rooms are available in student dormitories (monthly rent starting at approximately 200 Euros, security deposit additionally). Upon request, the coordination office will assist in reserving a dormitory room. Off-campus housing (mostly private) is usually more expensive, but offers a wide range of options.

Health Insurance

German health insurance is obligatory for all students who are not citizens of the European Union. Special student insurance is available to all students under 30 years of age at low rates. This insurance covers the costs of normal medical treatment (including dental care) in Germany. The monthly payment is currently 78 Euro (students older than 30 years of age, 145€)

Qualification period (first 10 weeks)

The program will support the student during the training period with respect to costs for accommodation in a student dormitory, living (max. 400 €/month) and travel (max. 700 €) if the demand for financial aid is justified (see application form). Housing of the candidates (free of charge) will be organized by the coordination office.

Doctoral program (subsequent years)

Students who qualify for a 2.5-year doctoral project in one of the participating research groups receive funding of approximately 1300 Euros per month from the graduate study program.