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Visit of NOVARTIS in Basel, February 12th 2014

Impressions of our Joint Symposium GK1326, SFB894 and MCBO, 27+28 Ocotber 2011, Schlossberghotel Homburg

Impressions of our Symposium in Obergurgl 24 - 25th April 2008


Visitation of the "Römermuseum" in Schwarzenbach, 26th of May 2006



Reception by the major of the city of Homburg ( Oberbügermeister Rippel) and the pharmaceutical company Theiss represented by Mr. Nardi.

Visitation of the "Karlsberg Brewery"  in Homburg

Date:  27th of November 2006

Time:  3.00 p.m.

Place: Karlsberg Brewery,

Karlsbergstr. 49, in front of gate 3, close to the clock