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The Competence Center Molecular Medicine (KoMM) aims to integrate existing capabilities in the research area of Molecular Medicine, to enhance technology transfer and to promote the scientific procreation.

The KoMM takes care of these duties irrespective the responsibilities of other elements and facilities of the University by:


  • Fortification of research in the overlapping fields of basic research in biomedical sciences, clinical medicine and applied technical developments via the transfer of knowledge and technology in the clinical center, the faculty and the university, respectively;


  • Transfer of technology and results ready for application into the industry and/or into companies which had been spun off from the KoMM with the aim to create new jobs in the region;


  • External representation to memorize biomedical science in the population;


  • Recruitment and promotion of the scientific new generation with the aim to form highly trained graduates with excellent job chances;


  • Further bundling of existing resources with the aim to establish further integrated research projects (Research groups, SFBs).