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Mobile Stroke Unit

Stroke Management: "Mobile Stroke-Unit" for Reduction of the Response Time in Ischemic Stroke

Currently, systemic thrombolysis with the tissue plasminogen activator represents the only causal and approved treatment for acute ischemic stroke. However, the chances to save the brain tissue by a thrombolytic therapy exponentially decrease with proceeding time after onset of symptoms. In most cases, the beginning of the thrombolysis therapy is delayed by a variety of factors, like delivery to the hospital, re-examinations and delay of CT scan. Due to this, a thrombolytic therapy is possible only in a minority of the stroke patients (2-5 %). In one study, we investigate whether a "Mobile Stroke Unit", a rescue car with an integrated CT scanner, contributes to a better stroke management by saving precious time until a therapeutic decision is made. This device allows prehospital diagnosis and therapy (thrombolysis). A monocentric, randomised prospective trial is currently performed (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT00792220).


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Pressemitteilung zur Auftaktveranstaltung: Mobile Stroke Unit
Deutschlandfunk: Audiobeitrag in der Sprechstunde vom Schlaganfall-Rettungswagen
(Autorin: Koch Tonia)

Informationsdienst Wissenschaft: Weltweit erster Einsatz eines Schlaganfall-Rettungswagens (Mobile Stroke Unit) zur Vor-Ort- Behandlung des Schlaganfalles

Fig. 1 Mobile stroke Unit for reduction of response time in ischemic stroke.

Cooperation partners and support: Departments for Neuroradiology and Anaesthesiology of the Saarland University, German Red Cross, Meytec Information Systems GmbH, Else Kröner Fresenius Foundation, Mercedes-Benz AG, Stadt Homburg, Karlsberg GmbH, Rettungsstiftung Saarland, Rettungsdienst Logistik-Service GmbH, Saarland.